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URODYNAMICS is the term that describes a series of diagnostic tests used to evaluate voiding disorders. These tests will provide answers to clinical questions that arise about a patient's bladder and outlet function, after they have visited the physician with specific complaints.

The typical patient complaints that lead to a urodynamic evaluation include:

  • incontinence
  • nocturia
  • frequency
  • urgency
  • pain
  • slow stream
  • hesitancy
  • postmicturition dribble

Flow information can be utilized two ways as part of a urodynamic procedure:

  • UROFLOW W/RESIDUAL is performed when the patient arrives at the lab with a full bladder and voids into a beaker that is placed on a weight transducer or load cell.
  • FLOW/PRESSURE studies are typically performed immediately following a filling cystometrogram and require the use of smallest catheter practical, to measure pressure in the bladder while the patient voids.

The UROFLOW is a screening test only. It demonstrates the result of the micturition reflex and the information obtained will indicate the presence of dysfunction. An abnormal UROFLOW indicates a voiding disfunction and should be followed by for further testing.

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